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Staying aware and on top of the latest technologies, strategies, tactics and best practices is a must. So, get the latest resources you need to develop and continue to grow. UGC sessions are organized into four educational tracks so you can easily find topics and sessions that are related to you and your CBORD systems.

Housing Track

Housing is usually the first campus department to interact with students—whether it be through the housing assignment process or checking-in to residence halls. Make that experience a good one by optimizing your CBORD Housing systems. Topics in this education track include: special accommodation housing assignments, best practices for administering ResCenter, managing financial transactions, and educating student workers on the housing system.

Card and Access Track

What if the card system could do more? It is a question that has captured the collective imagination of the CBORD Community for nearly 40 years. What began simply as a technology to manage campus meal plans has evolved into a sophisticated platform facilitating myriad student services—services like access, mobile ordering, room reservations, class attendance, and beyond. In this educational track you will find topics related to card systems, access systems, point-of-sale hardware/software, video security, commerce platforms, and mobile solutions.

Food Management Solutions Track

Grow, enhance, and empower your dining program. Within this educational track, we will explore ideas on workflow design, allergies and food preferences, measuring success with analytics, strategic integrations, and catering management.

Patient Food and Nutrition Services Track

Optimize your diet office and improve patient outcomes. In this track you will learn how CBORD and partner technology can support broad health initiatives like community health, participatory medicine, and diet education. Topics include interfaces, room service programs, malnutrition, menu cycles, and lean workflow practices.