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Above and Beyond

The Above & Beyond Award goes to an individual who has demonstrated a willingness to evaluate and provide user-led feedback on new products and technology; conducts beta tests; and/or has been a valuable resource by sharing their unique knowledge, experience, and results with the larger user community.

Previous Winners:

  • 2016: Julie Wesel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • 2015: Nathan Gray, James Madison University
  • 2014: Kathy Gallagher, Villanova University

Above and Beyond Nominees:

Edmund Vasseur, Systems Administrator

Phillips Exeter Academy
Ed’s nomination is inspired by his eye for detail. He oversees all CBORD systems at Phillips Exeter Academy, providing training for the dining team and fine tuning the many reports that our operation uses in all areas of operation. He meets with all operators to provide additional training needs and updates on how to use the various reports Foodservice Suite (FSS) generates to elevate their knowledge base information can be used as a financial tool. He has fine-tuned managing all aspects of FSS, EventMaster, and Odyssey. His work and support allowed the school to reach their goals in becoming compliant with our use of CBORD programs.
Foodservice Suite®, Odyssey, EventMaster®
Nominated by Melinda Leonard, Associate Director of Dining, Phillips Exeter Academy

Mary Schott, Program Coordinator II

Iowa State University Foodservice
Mary’s nomination is due to her dedication and constant pursuit for the best results for her team and customers. Mary is working directly with our marketing department to provide menus and nutrition information for our new website, while ensuring that it is mobile optimized. She will install digital menu boards in over 20 service locations in the next year. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of CBORD systems make her uniquely familiar with how these systems and software impact staff. Mary is also a teacher and mentor to our student employees who work under her guidance by developing these individuals for their next steps in life.
Foodservice Suite®, NetNutrition®, EventMaster®, CS Gold®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Karen Rodekamp, Assistant Manager, Iowa State University Foodservice

Siaka Hill, Systems Analyst, Enterprise Business Operations

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital
Siaka’s nomination stems from the excellent work ethic he demonstrated when moving from a front line CBORD software user into his role as CBORD administrator. His experience allows him to serve the internal customers with an understanding of issues and solid working knowledge of CBORD systems. At Piedmont, Siaka was solely responsible for implementation of Nutrition Service Suite at a new facility. He trained all kitchen staff in day-to-day operations as part of this implementation. He updated all Nutrition Formulary products with a conversion from one product line to another, while removing the former products. Siaka also worked closely with the Nutrition Managers to minimize issues during conversion.
Foodservice Suite®, Nutrition Service Suite®, Odyssey, Oracle Hospitality MICROS, EPIC
Nominated by Susan Chapman, Clinical Nutrition Manager, Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

Marcelinda Nickols, Food Program Manager

Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Inc.
Marcelinda Nickols has consistently partnered with the CBORD Sales, Development, Implementation, and Support teams to find solutions for common healthcare challenges. She has a unique perspective on the health systems’ products and is always willing to share this with CBORD teams. Marcelinda collaborated with CBORD's Product Management team to design the Meal Food List filter, allowing large healthcare customers to distinguish their room service menus across facilities. She is a big advocate for CBORD at a very large IDN customer participating in focus groups, including the next generation Meal Food List focus group.
Food Service Suite®, Nutrition Service Suite®, Room Service Choice®, Room Service Concero®, NetHIMS™
Nominated by Clare Hicks, Business Analyst I, CBORD
Nominated by Ann Anderson, Implementation Services Manager, CBORD
Nominated by Kathy Croft, Nutrition Systems Manager, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan, Inc.

Fuller Ming, Assistant Director for Information Technology

University of Maryland – College Park
Fuller Ming undertook a project for the University that had not been tried before and was charged with implementing two major processes: "wave" biometric terminals to be integrated with electronic turnstiles and their "all pass" meal plan. This implementation required Fuller's oversight of upgrading to CS Gold 7 to support the new wave biometric terminals and installing Morpho software for the enrollment of patrons in the program. He was also responsible for monitoring the remodeling of dining halls and the physical installation of the Wave terminals and turnstiles. For these massive efforts Fuller has been nominated for this award.
CS Gold®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Steve Gresham, Senior Account Manager, CBORD

Shaun Kavanagh, Lead Information Technologist

University of Rhode Island
Shaun has been a CBORD user for over two decades as part of the University of Rhode Island Team. Throughout the years, Shaun has maintained a close relationship with CBORD support and has shared his experience anytime he has been called upon. During that time he has worked on diverse CBORD products/partnerships such as Pharos integration, Missouri Book System integration, and Oracle Hospitality MICROS integration all the way back to when the University was still using MICROS 1700s.
Odyssey, Foodservice Suite®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Rebecca Estey, Coordinator of Dining Access Control Systems, University of Rhode Island

Tami Stalnaker, Professional Technologist 4

West Virginia University
Tami is a huge promoter of CBORD and CS Gold. She is the "go-to" person who is always available for assistance in developing new products. She is always willing to beta/product test. She assisted CBORD's Waco, Texas office in CS Gold 6, AD Locks/Squadron Firmware, and currently Classroom Attendance. Tami serves on the Strategy Council and has been instrumental in voicing the needs of customers, whether it be a modification to an existing product or something totally new.
CS Gold®, AD Locks/ Squadron® Firmware, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Ernestine Goates, Administrative Assistant, CBORD

Diane Purwin, Project Coordinator

Spectrum Health
Diane’s support of CBORD has led to many successes in her organization including the implementation of on-demand room-service at two facilities in the Spectrum system. She also introduced one of the first self-operating hospitals in Michigan to implement Room Service Choice and Tray Monitor. She has expanded CBORD solutions into four of Spectrum's community hospitals and continues to expand to other hospitals utilizing new tools to support standardization efforts.
Room Service Choice®, Nutrition Service Suite®, Tray Monitor®
Nominated by Sarah Hayes, Corporate Account Manager, CBORD

David Angel, Assistant Director of Campus Card Operations

University of Texas – Arlington
David Angel did not hesitate to dive into the CS Gold system. He stepped in to help with beta and product testing including CS Gold 7, AD-200 Locks, Access Wizard. Most recently he tested Class Attendance for use at the Theatre. He has assisted other customers when they would post an issue on the Listserv and he recently accepted a position on the Strategy Council.
CS Gold®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Ernestine Goates, Administrative Assistant, CBORD

Brian Miller, Card Access System Administrator

North Dakota State University
Brian is always looking to improve processes. He recently found a solution using patron groups to simplify work for other team members. NDSU initiated the Pathlight Program a few years ago, and Brian was instrumental in the implementation. He worked closely with Campus Police, IT, and Telecommunications teams to achieve the desired results for the University. Because of Brian’s improvements, NDSU was able to present nationally on the program. Now, students and parents have a greater sense of security knowing this is available at NDSU.
CS Gold®
Nominated by Wendy McCrory, Associate Director of Dining/ NDSU Card Center, North Dakota State University

Melissa Pope, Dining Administrative Manager
Brad Itzkowitz, Vice President of Dining Services

Carolina Meadows Retirement Community
Carolina Meadows has been a customer with CBORD Cashless and Point of Sale Systems since 2015. Brad and Melissa had a vision to use the Oracle Hospitality MICROS Tablets as Order Stations in their new Market Area of the dining room, making it easy for their residents to order at many different stations. With open minds and through trial and error, they have worked with CBORD to make this vision a reality. Overall satisfaction using the most recent technology has been the goal they have always kept in focus.
Odyssey, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Shawn Gilbert, Healthcare Cashless Account Manager, CBORD


The One CBORD Award celebrates an organization that strategically integrates CBORD and industry adjacent systems to support the overall mission of their organization.

Previous Winners:

  • 2016: Aurora Health Care
  • 2015: Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
  • 2014: Mercy Health

One CBORD Nominees:

Mount Nittany Medical Center

State College, Pennsylvania
Mount Nittany Medical Center continues to provide a high quality patient and guest dining experience at a reasonable cost. After many years of perseverance, they have finally integrated a full suite of CBORD solutions to support daily operations throughout Mount Nittany. They have leveraged their CBORD data, utilizing it to make important business decisions, controlled operational costs, and improved the patient dining experience. For these reasons, the dedicated foodservice staff at Mount Nittany are nominated for our One CBORD award.
Foodservice Suite®, Nutrition Service Suite®, Room Service Choice®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS, Odyssey
Nominated by David Silvanic, Account Manager, CBORD

University at Buffalo, Campus Dining & Shops

Buffalo, New York
The Faculty Student Association (dba Campus Dining & Shops) processes over 30,000 transactions daily with CBORD systems, consistently exceeding the national average for service in the annual NACUFS surveys. They have been able to create a suite of in-house applications that connect to CS Gold. This creates efficiencies in the business side of the University. They saved hundreds of management man hours with these tools that work with the power of the XML interface. The University is leveraging the power of the CBORD Community Xchange Program as well by providing printing services across the campus.
CS Gold®, Foodservice Suite®, UGryd®, GET™, Mobile ID®
Nominated by Keith Curtachio, Director of FSA Information Technology, University at Buffalo

University of Rhode Island, Dining Services

Kingston, Rhode Island
Without CBORD, the University of Rhode Island (URI) would not have been able to accomplish all they have throughout the years. The URI Dining App with GET has opened up an entirely new world for students. This provides a single location where they can view menus, see live cameras in the dining halls, see real-time shuttle bus locations (provided by the Rhode Island Public Transportation Authority), and access the GET mobile portal. Push notifications allow the team to contact customers directly in real-time to promote customer options in CBORD Odyssey, such as combo meals during a variety of promotions.
GET™, Odyssey
Nominated by Shaun Kavanagh, Lead Information Technologist, University of Rhode Island

University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee
The University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK) has been one of CBORD's premier accounts for many years. The VolCard Office led by Bill Strickland, and staffed by Betty Smith and Mike Henderson, has given tremendous support to CBORD. UTK was an early adopter for the AD lock series and has been adding large sales to their residence halls for the past five years. They are now working on a future project which will add an additional 500 locks. UTK has been a terrific partner and has done a number of beta sites for CBORD over the past couple of years including the iClass (MI/Si) AD locks. The school has also been very active in UGC with lead roles in both HMS and CS Gold.
CS Gold®, CS Access™, Oracle Hospitality 9700, Laundry, Vending, HMS Housing
Nominated by Mark Beckerman, Regional Account Manager, CBORD

Indiana University System

Bloomington, Indiana
Indiana University is made up of eight campuses. In 2016 they decided to consolidate all SVC (Stored Value Credit) accounts and card production for all eight campuses into one enterprise-wide CS Gold solution and one card: the CrimsonCard. The scope of the effort included consolidating two CS Gold systems, installing seven card production systems, reconfiguring laundry, vending, and Aero devices. After months of planning and testing the conversion, it was completed over a 6-day timespan. It was a huge undertaking, yet given their strong IT resources and leadership they accomplished the main objective. The project is ongoing and when it’s completed, the university will save money and offer a more consistent student experience at all campuses.
CS Gold®, CS Access™, Odyssey PCSTM, Odyssey HMSTM, Foodservice Suite®
Nominated by Sue Chaffee, Director of Product Management, CBORD

Texas Christian University

Fort Worth, Texas
Not only are they a multi-product user on the CS Gold and Integrated Access side, Texas Christian University (TCU) has stepped up to the plate many times by helping CBORD beta/product test new development. They have also come to CBORD for customized products. We worked with them to integrate PeopleSoft with CBORD products. TCU was always one of the first to transition to newly released versions of CS Gold. They take advantage of all the WebManager features and mobile applications.
CS Gold®, WebManager™, GET™, Integrated Access
Nominated by Ernestine Goates, Administrative Assistant, CBORD

Alberta Health Services

Edmonton, Alberta
Alberta Health provides service to patients across the continuum of care, with patients in acute care hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and long-term care centers. With varying needs across these unique populations, Alberta Health relies on the flexibility of CBORD software to manage patient and resident nutrition care. Managing more than thirty facilities spread across the province means they need solutions that are easy to implement and capable of accommodating a range of populations and service types.
Nutrition Service Suite®
Nominated by Clare Hicks, Business Analyst I, CBORD


The Visionary Award recognizes an organization that is a pioneer in developing creative applications for CBORD technology within their organization.

Previous Winners:

  • 2016: HealthShare New South Wales
  • 2015: Mater Private Hospital, Brisbane
  • 2014: University at Buffalo

Visionary Nominees:

ARV Food Services

Baulkham Hills, New South Wales
ARV Food Services have creatively engineered solutions that harness the power of their Foodservice Suite (FSS) application, integrating it with other software products to meet the needs of their own operation and their customers. In doing so, they have reduced labour, gained efficiencies and improved accuracy. A three-way integration exists between FSS, the Menu Ordering system, and a Billing Portal system, ensuring customers are correctly billed according to sophisticated billing rules. FSS integrates with Redmap, creating an eReceiving file which is imported into FSS, eliminating manual data entry for subsequent vendor payment.
Foodservice Suite®, NetHIMS™, BarTender®
Nominated by Daniel Lowe, Senior Software Implementation Manager, CBORD – Australia

Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region

Sacramento, California
The foodservice leaders at Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region envisioned that allowing patients to make food selections would drive down food cost while providing a better patient experience. As proficient users of Food Service Suite (FSS), they knew they could accurately track their costs, inventory, and item usage. With an investment in CBORD's Room Service Choice Menu Select, saving the organization over $150,000 in annual food costs in the first year. Leveraging the power of FSS and Nutrition Service Suite (NSS) allowed them to demonstrate to their hospital leadership that their vision had been achieved with a high return on investment for CBORD software.
Foodservice Suite®, Room Service Choice® Menu Select, Nutrition Service Suite®
Nominated by Clare Hicks, Business Analyst I, CBORD

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, Rhode Island
The University of Rhode Island has been a CBORD Partner for nearly 30 years. One of the most recent and exciting projects involved using biometric hand scanners which enabled them to better monitor the unlimited meal plan option debuted to students. Given the flexibility of the hand scanner, they were able to customize them by adding lighting and sound all housed within a 3D printed enclosure. The result allowed students faster and more efficient access to the dining halls, while minimizing labor at the door.
Odyssey, Foodservice Suite®, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Shaun Kavanagh, Lead Information Technologist, University of Rhode Island

University of Vermont

Burlington, Vermont
The University of Vermont (UVM) has a strong vision for the role of campus technology, encouraging innovation and collaboration across the campus and across the state. Their creative applications of CBORD housing and access solutions have made the UVM staff recognized leaders in campus technology fields. Recently they established a partner relationship with the City of Burlington to extend the reach of the UVM systems into the public sector for access control and video monitoring. This unique arrangement between the city and the university expands the scope of services beyond the campus, harnessing the university's technical expertise to run the municipal access control platform. This was quite a challenge, but nothing new to the experts at UVM.
CS Gold®, ResCenter®
Nominated by Brett Africk, Account Manager, CBORD
Nominated by Jodi Denman, Senior Director of Service Operations, CBORD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts
MIT has been one of CBORD's "go-to" customers to beta/product test new development. MIT recently approached us about their construction on the new Atlas Service Center that centralizes many of the in-person services that students and staff need to conduct while on campus—including parking services and ID cards. They approached CBORD because they wanted to print ID cards via the web. They envisioned using a card reader for existing customers (students and staff) who could tap Mobile ID and get the user entered into the Service Now queue. MIT expects this to be a showpiece and wanted as many CBORD engagements/products as possible.
CS Gold®, Mobile ID®
Nominated by Ernestine Goates, Administrative Assistant, CBORD

University Auxiliary Services (UAS) at SUNY at Albany

Albany, New York
UAS consistently applies strategy and design to develop and enhance the tools provided by CBORD to meet the unique needs of a university environment. Daniel Havens, Systems Administrator, and the UAS team continue to develop, customize, and integrate the system comprehensively. Additionally, they develop with imagination and foresight which addresses current and future university needs and expectations. Upgrading to CS Gold 7, adding WebManager, and mobile platforms to our CBORD portfolio has provided a virtual candy store of opportunities while improving system security, flexibility, and offering a customizable solution.
CS Gold®, WebManager™
Nominated by Sharon Webster, CS Administrator, SUNY at Albany

Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.

Fort Defiance, Arizona
There are over 500 Native tribes in the country and Fort Defiance Indian hospital is the only hospital in the country to implement CBORD by interfacing with RPMS (a government based application used for patient registration). Patients now automatically populate the card file which makes our jobs that much easier and safely. Mistakes have been drastically reduced because this feature is working properly. We now use the bedside menu for patients, and the Food Service Department runs more efficiently and productively. Patients enjoy a variety of food options available and, more importantly, they know it is safe.
Odyssey PCS™, Foodservice Suite®, Nutrition Service Suite®, NetHIMS™, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Leonard Sanders, Computer Applications Coordinator, Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc.

University of California – Merced

Merced, California
Abe Cereno and the team at UC Merced's CatCard Office have accomplished many in-house developments, including web and mobile applications integrating with CBORD's CS Gold as a core data source system. They developed the following programs: iCheck-In, Viewpoint, myCatPerks, CatiClick, CatCard MobileID, iCare, and NameTags—all integrated uses of CBORD CS Gold Systems solutions and software. The Viewpoint POS CatCard application has saved the campus more than $150,000. CatCard has developed a software application for Dining Services to track and manage the check-out and return process and the system of the OZZI program. Merced has saved nearly 20 tons of garbage to date. These innovative applications provide valuable services to our customers and students.
CS Gold®, CS Access™, WebManager™, Oracle Hospitality MICROS
Nominated by Abraham Cereno, Associate Director of Information Technology, University of California – Merced