2017 User Group Conference Home: CBORD’s annual User Group Conference features sessions for attendees to learn about the newest technologies, expert speakers providing valuable insights into our leading industries, and events for peer-networking.


Q: How do I register?

A: CBORD customers can easily register on our website. Registration will begin May 2017. A CBORD account is required for registration. You can request an account creation form for a CBORD username and password; please allow one business day for processing.

Q: Where can I find information about registration rates for the conference?

A: A full list of registration rates, conference packages, discounts, and registration details are available on the 2017 UGC website.

Q: How can I receive UGC 2017 communications?

A: You can manage your communication preferences in your Account Profile to receive important emails containing information related to the conference. You can opt-in to receive product information, product notifications and release notes, webinar invitations, and much more. You can also follow on Twitter @cbord.

Q: Where can I find out more about education sessions and certifications?

A: The UGC 2017 website will provide details about our sessions and certifications beginning May 2017.

Q: What is a Common Interest Group?

A: We have organized our Common Interest Groups along with their corresponding product categories.
  • College and University Food Management Systems
  • College and University Gold Systems
  • College and University Integrated Security Systems
  • College and University Odyssey Systems
  • Healthcare Food Management Systems
  • Housing Management Systems

Q: Are networking events planned for the conference?

A: Yes, we are currently planning networking events for our customers to meet new peers, make new contacts, and strengthen their relationships with other Users. Check back at the website for more information.

Q: Will there be available Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, CBORD will provide a username and password to all UGC 2017 attendees and Wi-Fi will be available throughout the rooms where sessions are held for the duration of the conference.

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