About the Awards

2017 CBORD Excellence Awards

Award Categories

Above & Beyond

This award is the only CBORD honor given to an individual user who has been working with CBORD to develop new products or has creatively applied CBORD solutions for the benefit of the larger user community. This single user is honored for their willingness to evaluate and provide feedback on new products and technology from within the community; conducting beta tests; working with CBORD and our partners to create new solutions and solve technical integration challenges; and/or has proven to be a valuable resource through the sharing of their specialized knowledge and experience.


The CBORD Visionary award is given to a group of people or an organization. This award recognizes the creative uses of CBORD solutions and honors excellence in innovative applications of CBORD systems. Creativity and innovation may be demonstrated either through unique use of existing CBORD products or through the integration of CBORD software with other market solutions. Our Visionaries illustrate what it means to be leaders of system integration, and through the development of new business applications, create valuable services for their customers.


A group or organization receive the One CBORD award because, together, they represent CBORD's mission to provide a wide range of integrated solutions that help customers in every market served. These solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Recipients must exemplify integrated planning and foresight of linking multiple CBORD systems together across an organization in order to deliver a comprehensive solution for their customers.

Nomination Process

Nomination for an Excellence Award is the perfect way for a valued colleague, partner organization, or group to be celebrated for their impact in front of their peers.

One individual and two organizations will receive CBORD Excellence Awards. Nominations for the Above & Beyond award, Visionary, and One CBORD awards are open to all CBORD customers; third party nominations and self-nominations are accepted. Award recipients will be announced at our 38th annual User Group Conference (UGC), October 22–25, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona during the Excellence Awards Dinner on Monday, October 23 at 7:00 p.m. Award finalists will receive notifications of their nomination and will be expected to attend the annual conference. Finalists are asked to prepare remarks for a brief acceptance speech if they are given an award.

Award Nomination Criteria

Nominated organizations or individuals must be current CBORD customers. Each nomination requires a separate, completed nomination forms for each category. More than one nomination for organizations and individuals may be submitted.

Completed nomination forms must be submitted online through CBORD's system. Nominees should make plans to attend our annual User Group Conference; finalists will be notified and asked to attend.

Nominations are now closed.